Why Vivo’s TWS earphones Neo are the best wireless gadget for less than Rs 10,000?


Ever since Apple paved the path for wireless earbuds in 2017, several companies have rushed into making a near identical looking TWS earbuds and offer competitive prices to lure the customers with these value added products. A lot of other brands have jumped the bandwagon; some have been good while some have been poor. Perhaps, one of the best we have ever tested are the new Vivo TWS earphones neo. They are in fact, the best TWS earphones we have tested in 2020. They were recently launched alongside the Vivo X50 series smartphones. The earbuds are priced at Rs 5,990. We have been using them with the Vivo X50 Pro. This is also compatible with other smartphones, laptops and iPads, and overall they thoroughly impress. 

What’s warped

  • The earbuds come with a large 14.2mm dynamic drivers with a Bluetooth v5.2 for connectivity. It even supports Qualcomm aptX and Vivo’s in-house DeepX stereo sound effects, a feature that is available for select Vivo phones. But going beyond the specs, the sound quality is excellent for all kinds of music, especially when one considers the price. They also redouble as great wireless devices for someone who is always on the phone and taking calls. The microphone quality is superb. 
  • It has a portable design which always helps. These bad boys to our amazement, look appealing. We received a moonlight white variant and is also available in starry blue colour. It’s portable, light. Can easily slip into your pockets and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. 
  • The case is sturdy and can be open with just one hand. Actually, they feel really well built even better than Apple’s AirPods which are 2x more expensive. Both the buds are placed horizontally facing the opposite sides and get snapped in place via magnets. The earphones fit fairly well in my ears and the short stem makes it even more lighter. The earbuds weigh in at 4.7 grams. I didn’t find them bulky on the ears even after long duration usage. 
  • It is also very user friendly. There is a single physical button on the front and is used for pairing with your devices.  There are touch based controls for generic tasks. You can increase or decrease the volume with a swipe of up & down on the side panel and it works well. A double tap will pause the music. There is a customization of the touch panel which is only compatible with Vivo phones. It also lights up on Vivo phones seamlessly the way you’d see AirPods on an iPhone. 
  • It has great battery life. The juice on these last for about 22 hours on a full charge which includes the case dock charge as well. It also gets fast charging thanks to USB Type C. It is all very nice. 
  • Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.2, both the earbuds stayed paired with the phone without any drop or lag in connectivity. It also gets the lowest latency of any true wireless earphone in its price range which makes it excellent for even long drawn Call of Duty sessions. That is perhaps the biggest weakness of every other true wireless earphone in the market. 

What’s Not

  • Perhaps the only weakness is the inherent design of modern TWS earphones which can be rooted back to Apple. Everyone makes their own tweaks to the formula and Vivo has a wonderful take on it, but the design that has floating stems and no support apart from the ear canal will eventually fall off, especially if you’re going to do anything that involves heavy movement of the head. 

Should you buy it?

I have enjoyed using the Vivo TWS earphones Neo a lot for over a month. For someone who appreciates tech, music and even art alike, this has won me over. I highly recommend them for Android users in particular, but they also make an astoundingly good AirPods alternative for iPhone users at half the price. Think!