Anhad + Tanner mesmerize with their debut album ‘In Other Words’


Indo-American electronic-fusion duo Anhad + Tanner has released their debut album ‘In Other Words’ on Gaurav Raina’s imprint Gravity Sounds.

For “In Other Words”, the duo teamed up with classical vocalists like Pavithra Chari whose voice is the highlight of ‘Haari’, singer Kamakshi Khanna, tabla player Sarthak Pahwa, Vibhor Mathur (flute), Vinayak Panth (sitar), Soumitra Thakur (sitar), Aditya Balani (guitar) and vocalist Saptak Chatterjee who evokes a sense of nostalgia for a time past in the melancholic ‘Childhood’.  

The album is inspired by the sounds of Asian Underground and artists like Talvin Singh, Karsh Kale and of course the pioneers of Indian electronica music Midival Punditz. Of course, this is not surprising as Gaurav Raina is one half the Midival Punditz. 

The duo didn’t leave any stone unturned in trying new cultures by keeping the Indian classical music at the core of the sound of the release. They describe the album as“an album of exploration and discovery” and one that attempts to add a new sonic chapter to Asian Underground.

The album features 7 tracks that reveal themselves to be impressive instrumental pieces as these songs cover many styles and influences. It gives a sense of an electronica aroused feeling from Indian classical, fusion blending with cinematic soundscapes, downtempo to snarling drum and bass. This album has it all, it’s beyond genres and unassumingly mesmerizing.

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Anhad and Tanner is a collaborative project creating a sonic experience for the lovers of Indian electronica and fusion music. Pushing boundaries beyond genres and fitting elements of Hindustani music in different contemporary contexts.