Experimental act Hautewulf unveils debut EP “Addicted”


Delhi-based electronic music artist Mohan Kumar who goes by the moniker Hautewulf released his debut EP Addicted.

The 3 song EP is based on The Original Hautewulf Universe storyline which showcases a fictional sci-fi, cyberpunk, and a futuristic sketch of how a human android consumes a level 9 psychedelic form of the drug. The EP is about the repercussions of the overdose and a journey to the afterlife.

The EP takes off with a track called “Cravings” which showcases a deeply hypnotic version with a whirlwind of synths leading with melancholic piano passages that creates a surreal, eerie palette of sounds for listeners. For “Different Realities” Kumar teams up with versatile jazz bassist Sonic Shori and delivers a unique take on bass patterns easing the listener into a world that’s not at all familiar at first, but exciting nonetheless. The last track of the EP ‘Consequences’ sees Kumar unleashing his trademark sound with an experimental blend of glitchy, trippy and funky sounds ensembling with hard hitting break-beat & DnB passages which will tie your mind, body and soul in knots.

Hautewulf has also created an extended version for the EP that describes the storyline in a cinematic manner and will be out in the coming days.

Till then, you can stream the EP here.

Hautewulf is a Dj / live electronic act founded by Mohan Kumar (Musician/Dj/Producer) based in New Delhi, India. He has been actively involved in the Indian music scene for over 10 Years. The act promotes a cyberpunk – sci-fi – dark – futuristic theme and entire music is based on a fictional storyline.

Inspired by the sounds of legendary Hans Zimmer, Mick Gordon, Meshuggah, Trent Reznor, Skrillex, and Aphex Twin. He played his debut gig for warpcore’s party celebrating the launch of Star Trek Picard in January 2020.