Why the Vivo X50 is the best camera phone south of ₹40,000


When I tested the Vivo X50 Pro I was in for a shocking surprise. Its camera blew away every phone I had tested including some stalwarts. so logically I had to test its younger sibling the plain Jane X50. Sure it doesn’t come with the micro gimbal that makes the X50 Pro’s camera special but at the same time, it is no slouch. In fact, this phone uses the same sensor as the X50 Pro which means it has some serious low-light capabilities including that ultra-shallow F 1.6 aperture. In many ways, this phone is reminding me of the Pixel 3a which launch last year. While the Pixel 4a is still about a month away from its launch in India, I’d like to take a look at why the X50 phone perhaps is the spiritual successor to the Pixel 3A and easily one of the best camera phones South of ₹40,000. 

Shot by Khalid Wani

1. It goes without saying the low light capabilities of this phone are quite incredible. It can take really impressive night-time shots even without engaging in the night mode. At the same time when you do actually engage night mode, it levels up and manages to take photos better than many phones that are almost double its price. Here I am talking about phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro the Galaxy Note 20.

2. Daytime photography is no snooze fest on this phone. It takes really vivid photos with a punchy contrast and cool temperature giving it almost a Pixel like feel to all the images that are shot from it. Even the portrait mode photos come out really nicely and you also get a good deal versatility on this phone given that it has a pretty decent ultra-wide camera and also 2x telephoto capabilities. There is also a macro mode which is really cool.

 3. Despite the lack of a micro gimbal this phone still has an optically stabilised lens which also means that it takes some really great video albeit restricted to 4K at 30 frames per second. It is so impressive that the quality of the video is also a cut above many phones that cost upwards of ₹40,000 that makes it again a great proposition for someone interested in a great camera. The video from this phone is as smooth as a sharp knife going through a hot dab of butter.

4. Even when one takes the camera out of the equation the phone is quite impressive. For instance, it has a stunning design with this supple matte finish on the back that has a very very cool gradient design and also a really stylistically enclosed camera module. In fact, I feel that the X50 is one of the nicest looking phones that you will ever come across. 

5. Those who are worried about day-to-day performance fret not because this phone handles most tasks with utter ease. The phone itself is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor coupled with  8GB of RAM and comes with plenty of storage for most people. This means that this phone will be able to game pretty decently as long as you’re not stretching it too hard and will not stutter or give any kind of troubles while multitasking. 

6. It also has a killer battery life. The 4,200mAh battery ensures day-long battery life without breaking a sweat and at the same time, it gets charged very rapidly. In the case, you’re wondering this phone supports 33-watt fast charging which means that it is rapid. 

7. Last but not least is the display itself. The 6.56-inch OLED display is excellent. It not only has vivid colours great viewing angle sand generally very bright but it also gets and 90Hz refresh rate which makes the entire user interface super smooth.