warpcore Comic Pull List


Welcome to the warpcore Comic Pull List.

Back with a round-up of 4 comic books that you should read.

Nightwing 74

DC Comics

If you’ve been following Nightwing, then you’ll know that he was nearly killed. Following which Batman went on a crazy hunt for the assassin. Dick Grayson ultimately recovered, but not entirely. He didn’t remember much, especially his time as Batman’s sidekick. No memories of Robin. No memories of Nightwing. But muscle memories and a host of skills.

Now going by Ric Grayson, he’s doing what seems to come naturally. The Joker has poisoned the mind of Ric Grayson, filling it with false memories and pitting him against the Bat Family. Batgirl realizes the key to restoring his mind to normal is a crystal. It’s up to Ric to use it and find out who he really is. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get trapped inside his own mind.

Wolverine 5

Marvel Comics

So some year ago, they killed Wolverine. But like most superheroes, he came back. While he’s had a few sporadic appearances since Return of Wolverine, 2020 gives him his own series yet again. 

Everybody’s favourite mutant is here and ready to do what he does best. Kick ass!! 

In this issue Wolverine is a prisoner of Dracula. He’s trapped up in the cold snowbound north and must form an unlikely alliance if he wants to get out of this. This run is full of everything we love about Wolverine comics. Claws, Snikts, blood, action, and more action.

Die 13

Image Comics

Die follows a group of kids who accidently were transported to a mystical world. Years later they return. To them the world is based off of an RPG board game. Much like Dungeons & Dragons (God! I miss playing), but they discover something much more sinister as they go along. The story is well written and it’s paired with some epically beautiful artwork. I would frame 90 percent of this comic book. 

Previously our protagonists tried to prevent a war between Little England and Angria and in the process must meet one of the masters of the game. The master turns out to be H G Wells. Can the group figure out how to prevent the war, and save the world? 

I don’t want to give away too much, especially if you’ve never read this series. Just know that it’s one of those comics that really makes you think. There are themes within themes, writing that keeps you on your toes, and a story that makes you want to read more. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 53

BOOM! Studios

Many of us grew up with some version of Power Rangers. Whether it’s the Japanese Super Sentai series, or the Power Rangers itself. Power Rangers still runs and is on its 27th season. With 20 different teams. 

The comic book covers the original team. MMPR follows the Shattered Grid storyline where the morphing grid essentially broke, different realities clashed, and we discover and evil version of Tommy the Green Ranger is basically trying to take over the multiverse.

In the aftermath, we’ve had a new team traveling space to do damage control. Meanwhile our heroes on Earth are having a rough time as Lord Zedd has returned and unleashed his newest villains. The all –new Dark Rangers. Baboo, Goldar, Squat, Finster, and Rita Repulsa is back too.