Apple “Time Flies” product launch music playlist


There is no doubt that Apple always kills with its music selection – be it for products or keynotes. It always leans on tunes from lesser-known artists. This year was no different as Apple offered some bangers that you can rock out to for hours and hours. 

Back in the day in 2008 the promo for Apple’s first-generation MacBook Air had such a cool track. The ad featured the upbeat folk song “New Soul” by Yael Naim, The use of the song not only benefited Apple but also Naim — “New Soul” reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being featured in the commercial.  Another one was Black Eyed Peas in 2004 when “Hey Mama” was featured in an iPod commercial. And most of these tracks have become famous because they were played as background music for Apple’s product videos.

Yesterday’s Apple event for the showcase of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air was no different. We have uncovered some gems. “Yret” by Para One, has a slick, chill electronica, hypnotic vibe. “Possibility bells” by Ryan Lott, which opens and closes the event is also very cool. The track is cinematic and timeless and will take you to a radical journey.

Rather than rewatching the event and figuring out the songs yourself, we have put together a playlist of all of the music that was featured in this year’s Apple “Time Flies” event. You can check out the playlist below.