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Delhi-based producer Iam ALBOE to Broadcast A Special Live Set With SkillBox


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‘Heck yeah, We’ll be Groovin’: It’s IamALBOE, Live From his Studio. 

Vedant Chandra aka Iam ALBOE is a Delhi-based producer cum singer-songwriter who is all set to debut his first live performance via Skillbox’s streaming platform. Iam ALBOE, who has been active on the Delhi electronic dance music circuit has played gigs at venues like Fio and Serai. This will be his first Live Stream after joining Delhi-based tech-music think-tank warpcore.

“The setting of the song takes place in the early hours of the morning when a nightclub is beginning to shut down. Countless people are done with their night and are heading home. The protagonist of the album, the Painter, however, is not done yet. He is full of energy and has also courted someone during the course of the night. This is where the song begins as he pleads to her to continue their merriment in the gardens of the city before they decide to go home,” IamAlboe elaborates. 

The live set will see Iam ALBOE perform his own exclusive Tracks. During this prolonged period of the lockdown he has been actively posting his live jams on his social media. In all of his recent posts, Vedant has been raising the bar for what can be achieved.  His music is a combination of pop vocals and synth-laden grooves all performed live. 

The event will be broadcasted on Skillbox on Friday at 8PM. Grab your tickets here

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