This is the way – first thoughts on The Mandalorian season 2


Lucasfilm and Disney just dropped the trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian, and I can’t keep calm. I’m easily excited about Star Wars, but The Mandalorian is good reason to be excited. 

And yes, Baby Yoda is back. Yes, I know that technically Yoda is not the name for the entire species, and we should be calling him The Child. Although to be fair, the official guides say “Yoda’s species”, but I digress.

Season 2 is all about the Din Djarin trying to reunite the Child with its own kind in the years following Return of the Jedi. So now he must track down enemy sorcerers, as he calls them. We know them as Jedi. It’s got everything you’d expect, action, adventure, x-wings, TIE’s, speeder bikes, and Ludwig Göransson’s masterful soundtrack.

Jon Favreau, the showrunner for The Mandalorian has said, “The new season is all about introducing a larger story in the world. The stories become less isolated, yet each episode has its own flavor, and hopefully we’ll bring a lot more scope to the show.”

Director and Executive producer Dave Filoni has stated that everything will be bigger, the stakes higher, the relationship between the Child and the Mandalorian will develop in ways we can’t help but enjoy.

Honestly I love both Favreau and Filoni, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve planned. 

Pedro Pascal returns as Din Djarin, The titular Mandalorian. Gina Carano and Carl Weathers are back too. Rosario Dawson has reportedly been cast as Ahsoka Tano. For fans of the glorious animated Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels, that’s awesome news. If you don’t know who Ahsoka Tano is, go binge all the seasons of Clone Wars now!

Also, we are supposed to see the OG mandalorian of the Star Wars series, Boba Fett! Katee Sackoff is rumored to be playing the live-action version of her animated Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze. Not to mention Timothy Olyphant, Micheal Biehn, and even WWE superstar Sasha Banks, who may be playing Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels.

Although Ahsoka and Boba aren’t in the trailer, they are rumored to be in the show. Lucasfilm is known for insane levels of secrecy, so you never really know how things will turn out.

Let’s be fair, rumours and theories behind Star Wars have always been pretty F-ing extra. 

We’re probably going to have to wait for another trailer to drop for any more juicy details.

Key art for the second season of The Mandalorian.

Of course until then you can stream season 1, and even check out Disney Gallery/Star Wars: The Mandalorian, an 8 episode documentary on the making of the show.

The Mandalorian Season 2 premiers on October 30th on Disney+