Review: “Desire” by Bob Moses is danced, airy and melancholic


In August, Canadian electronic-duo Bob Moses, formed by Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, released their new album “Desire” and boy it’s a beauty.

This new EP, released through Domino Records, tells a story about love, loss, longing and satisfaction. “Desire” has six tracks that offer a lot of danceability along with a good pinch of soul. It’s smooth, minimal and powerful. “Desire” follows Battle Lines, which was released in 2018 and utilized a live band as opposed to the style of DJ sets that Desire was inspired by. This perfectly crafted EP takes listeners on a magical journey from start to finish.

The EP takes off with a track called “Love we found”, which is a surprisingly melancholic track, with full of stunning harmonies and emotive vocalization from the duo. It ensembles with tight kicks, jiving intense sub-bass bobbing with dark ambient pads. The track reflects the yearning touched upon in the lyrics which will gently pull you in as the groove builds.

Darkness lurks around every corner on “The Blame”, but at the same time, Bob Moses sounds very summery and airy on the song. That arousing tension building pads and the soaring vocals ensures that you are completely carried away in the world of Bob Moses.

The album reaches its peak energy in the title track, a hypnotic collaboration with Grammy-nominated electronic producer ZHU. It’s easily the most club-ready cut on the EP. A driving bass synthesizer and sultry piano chords carry things forward and pave way for the third track ‘Hold me up’.

“Hold me up” gives a hint of classic house music with repetitive vocals at the first but when those heavy thumby kicks enter with a synth passage in the middle of the breakdown. It gives a unique take to the track and creates a surreal experience for the listeners.

“Outlier” showcases cinematic pads with an uplifting acid bass stabs topping it up. The bassline of the track is a forefront element which contributes to building a mesmerizing vacillating low-end that makes the track ideal for people on the floor it gives the listeners an engrossing ending.

“Ordinary day” offers deep, dark and emotive sounds. The lyrics express self-awareness and the desire for normality. The track has hypnotic dancefloor-driven productions. This sees the blend of break-beat and house music which leads to a stirring atmosphere. Believe me, it is a treat for your ears.

You can Buy / Listen “Desire” Here.

About Bob Moses :

Vallance and Howie founded Bob Moses in 2012 and signed with Domino two years later. The 2015 debut album, Days Gone By, featured the track “Tearing Me Up”, which was nominated for two Grammys, with the RAC remix taking home the “Best Remix Recording (Non-Classical)” trophy.

The duo have been coined by Resident Advisor as the Best Live Performance (2014, 2015). Battle Lines of 2018 spawned the hit single “Back Down”, which led to a performance at Ellen; the disc was named one of Billboard’s “Best Electronic Albums of 2018”.

According to reports, Bob Moses is also planning to release a remix EP of “Desire” next month. Following Battle Lines, Bob Moses released Battle Lines [Remixed], with remixes from names like Hayden James, Jamie Jones and Cassian, as well as Unplugged, an acoustic EP of Battle Lines songs and other repertoire favourites.