PS5 Trademark in India is Owned by a Delhi Guy, Sony May Delay the Launch


Sony’s long-awaited next-gen gaming console may take longer than you expected. The Sony PlayStation 5 is up for pre-order in most countries ahead of its launch on November 12 and Globally on Nov 19, but Indian customers have not even got the option of a PS5 pre-order while the console is already sold out in some countries. The reason behind the delay is the company does not own the trademark in India.

According to reports by The Mako Reactor, the trademark for PS5 in India was apparently filed by one Hitesh Aswani of Delhi back on October 29, 2019. Whereas Sony applied after 3 months for the trademark on February 28, 2020. Currently, the status of the trademark reads ‘opposed’ on the official website.

However, we think Sony should not have a major difficulty bypassing this problem, provided that it proves to be benevolent and that the product existed before it was even filed. The second person claiming the trademark appears to have been for some extraneous reason. But despite the fact that the company hopes to win the case, it may still delay the launch of the console in India.

There is no word on the pricing yet either, but according to rumours, PlayStation 5 will cost around ₹55,000 in India, ₹5,000 more than the Xbox Series X. While the PS5 Digital Edition may not make it to the Indian market. But these are all rumours, We’re awaiting official word from Sony India regarding pricing and availability. Let’s hope it arrives soon.