warpcore Comic Pull list 3.0


We’re back with another monthly round-up of 4 comics released over the last month that are worth checking out. 

What came out in the last 4 weeks that should be on your reading list? Let’s find out.

TMNT: Best of Raphael

IDW Comics

Best of Raphael, IDW comics, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an iconic part of both comics and television. At some point in our lives we’ve seen the old cartoon, the new cartoons, the movies, or that Michael Bay …thing!

What a lot of people haven’t read are the comics. IDW is putting together a Best of series for our favourite heroes in a half-shell. This is 100 pages of Raphael, old stories, new stories, original stuff from Eastman and Laird. It features tales from different publishers, different artists and writers, all in one handy dandy radical package. Definitely worth it from both the reading and collecting point of view.

Spawn #310

Image Comics

spawn, image comics, the army of spawns

The army of Spawns is growing. We’ve had She-Spawn, Reaper, Medieval Spawn, and now we’ve got Gunslinger Spawn. Yeah, cowboy things are happening in the hellish universe. There are new heroes, new villains, new costumes, and Al Simmons trying to find the power to control everything. 

The Amazing Spider-Man #49

Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel, Marvel comics, spider man, green goblin, comics

While the current run denotes this as number 49, this is the 850th issue of The Amazing Spider-man. Which means you can expect some big things coming. An all-star cast of Spider-creators comes together to for this special issue. From Humberto Ramos, to Kurt Busiek, to Skottie Young, to of course – Nick Spencer. 

Spider has been coping with Sin-Eater’s reign of terror, only to be confronted by his greatest foe, yet again. The Green Goblin is back. This special issue doesn’t just carry on the running story, it also features special shorts. Hence the all-stars.

John Constantine: Hellblazer #10

DC Comics

DC, DC Comics, John Constantine Hellblazer, sandman universe,

A specter of his older self has been playing games with John Constantine. All the deals and bargains made for a second lease on life are taking their toll. But now it’s time to get down to business, what is John going to do about this second chance? Knowing him, he’s going to destroy the F out of it.