Arjun Vagle Drops new EP from his experimental alias “AsymetriK”


Indian electronic music pioneer Arjun Vagale’s experimental project AsymetriK returns with new EP called “AsymetriK 003”

This 4-track EP is filled with tempo variations, industrial soundscapes and brutal atmospheric layers. AsymetriK’s landscape of noise and experimental music is mind-bogglingly vast, rejecting generic drum sounds like snares and kicks and fusing synthesisers altogether. The sound he creates is acutely visceral with experiences designed to rip you out of your comfort zone and out from behind your smartphone.

AsymetriK 003 features collaborations with the promising young talent EAS (Clergy), inspired from broken beat, EBM & industrial, all 4 tracks allow the artists to express their creativity, cementing the labels open-minded aesthetic. 

The vinyl is already out and the digital version will be out on November 6 on his label of the same name. You can Listen / Buy here.

Arjun has also collaborated with manufacturing company called Acid Moons, and designed two T-Shirts based around the concept of ‘chaos’. You can buy them here.

This is also his first project after the dissolution of UnMute agency, something that he had co-founded 7 years ago. Expect Arjun and his new moniker to go in uncharted waters.