warpcore comic pull list 4.0


Time to grab your comic wish lists and get set for the November edition of the warpcore Pull List.

There’s been some really interesting stuff out over the last 4 weeks, and it’s been a bit hard to pull my top four. But without further ado, here’s what should be on your reading list right now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #1

IDW Comics


Starting off with my favourite comic from the last month. This is quite possibly the TMNT event of the year. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird take the reins with Tom Waltz to write an epic tale of the future. Its set in NYC, far in the future, a lone surviving turtle goes on what seems like a suicide mission to obtain justice for fallen family. It’s a gripping, action packed story that deals with character development you would never expect from TMNT. Not to mention an insanely surprise twist. NO SPOILERS! Also, for those that like to collect, this issue comes with a billion variant covers. Well 71 of them.

Dune: House Atreides #1

BOOM! Studios

Dune: House Atreides #1

With Dune coming to screens soon, it’s understandable that some tie-in comics would be coming. And I’m glad they are. Set in the years leading up to the original award winning DUNE, House Atreides is set on the planet Arrakis where Pardot Kynes seeks to uncover its secrets. Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert who wrote the prequels to the novels (and sequels too) take charge with the comics. Does it feel like Dune? It most definitely does.

Rai #8

Valiant Comics

Rai #8

It’s great to see stuff coming from Valiant. If you’ve seen the movie Bloodshot with Vin Diesel and judged it… NO! I’ll do a deep dive into Bloodshot soon. Rai takes place in the same universe, and in the future. Rai’s quest leads him to a Positronic utopia, but peace isn’t as peaceful as it seems. This post-apocalyptic epic mixes science and the supernatural to deliver a mind bending storyline. 

The Last God: Songs of the Lost Children #1

DC Comics

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children #1

Let’s step into some swords and sorcery with The Last God. Set a decade after the battle of Black Stair, a Queen and her handmaiden on a journey to the villages outside Tyrgolad. When faced with strange stories, and a real-life monster, they realize that the tales are more than just folklore. It’s time for some monster slaying action from writer Dan Watters (Lucifer) and artist Steve Beach.