9 Shows you could be watching now


Need something to watch while you’re sitting idle on the weekend? Want something to binge for date night? Or just need a filler while you wait for the next episode of your favourite show?

Browse through these fantastically fun shows. Not only are they a ton of fun, they also have tie-ins to comic books. So when you finish the shows, you can read through pages of beautifully drawn sequential art. 

Yes, there are loads of other Superhero and Sci-fi TV shows out there. This is by no means a definitive list. Also, I wouldn’t watch all of these with young kids. Just saying!

Watch Harley Quinn: Season 1 | Prime Video

Harley Quinn

Starring Kaley Cuoco, or Penny from the Big Bang Theory, this madcap series is insanely fun. Watch Harley carve her own place in the world after she stops being the Joker’s sidekick, in the most brilliant ways possible.

X-Men: The Animated Series (TV Series 1992–1997) - IMDb

X-Men (1992)

Say what you want about the X-Men movies, do not come after this show or Wolverine will hunt you down. Classic 90’s fare, I spent a lot of hour on this. Before the movies and reboots and Hugh Jackman this is where the mutants shined. At par with and better than some X-Men comics, this is worth a watch.

The Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Begins! | StarWars.com

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With the Mandalorian trending across the world, it’s time to head back to the best series to come out of the Star Wars universe. Multiple seasons, fantastic characters, and Ahsoka Tano. If I need to say more, you need to reassess your priorities. 

Young Justice Invasion American Animated Series Poster | Young justice  league, Young justice invasion, Young justice

Young Justice

Young Justice is a take on the team that started as the Teen Titans, in this animated series you get to see the lives of the young superheroes and sidekicks as they navigate training, world domination, and acne. And you thought your high school was tough.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise - Wikipedia
The Legend of Korra: Season 1 - Rotten Tomatoes

Avatar: The last Airbender

Possibly one of the most enjoyable animations I have come across. Together with its sequel “The Legend Of Korra” it makes up 7 seasons of martial arts super powered madness. Avatar, follows the adventures of Aang, and later Korra, the Avatar. The only person who can master all four elements and use them to bring harmony. He/She/They is consistently reincarnated to keep balance in the world. There was also a movie by M. Night Shyamalan… Ignore that shit. Please. (Mumbles under breath)F*ing trash adaptation! And yes, there are comics too. Lots.

Watch Firefly Season 1 | Prime Video


If you like the Mandalorian, you’ll like this. A space western if there ever was one, Firefly is unfortunately only 1 season, and a movie called Serenity (curse you syfy channel). Starring everybodies favourite fan casting for Hal Jordan, Nathan Drake, and a host of other characters, Nathan Fillion. There’s also a bunch of tie-in comics, and even a board game which is probably the most complicated thing I’ve even played. 


The Middleman

Sadly another One Season Wonder, this one part ghostbuster, one part MIB, one part Batman show is based off the comic of the same name. The Middleman is a freelance fixer of all problems. From mad scientists to gangster apes to alien invasions. It’s weird, it’s quirky, yet entertaining. But it will be hard to find. 

The complete Samurai Jack series is free to stream on Adult Swim's website  - Game Freaks 365

Samurai Jack

Chances are you grew up with this. Five seasons of post-apocalyptic samurai action that needs no introduction. Watch Jack struggle to get back to his own time while he battles supernatural and technological terrors. Yes, there are also comics. And a game too. 

Batman: The Animated Series | Batman Wiki | Fandom

Batman: The animated series (1992)

How can I make this list without Batman. The OG animation is for all intents and purposes, perfection. Kevin Conroy as Batman is perfection. Mark Hamill as the Joker is perfection. Also known as The Adventures of Batman and Robin, this is the show that has even now nearly thirty years later been called the best comic book TV show of all time.