Vridian Drops his new EP “Strange Statistics” on Manjumasi


Delhi-based DJ and producer Vridian has just released his  latest EP ‘Strange Statistics’ on San Francisco’s renowned record label Manjumasi, backed with remixes from Tim Engelhardt and Gacha Bakradze.

“Strange Statistics” showcases a mesmerizing combination of electronic soundscapes. It’s a five track EP consisting of 3 originals and 2 remixes. Every track reveals an abstract character involved in researching various electronic music faces. 

“This EP is to honour all the weird graphs, numbers and facts we have had to observe in the last year,” Vridian said.

The five-track EP takes off with a track called “Ebb & Flow” which showcases an enticing slice of deep melodies coupled with minimal and high paced breakbeat grooves built around with uplifting bass stabs and airy textures that makes it a mind bending listening experience. 

The title track “Strange Statistics” has an intriguing dark appeal with skittering percussion, rich shimmery pads and staccato synths. It gives the listeners an engaging ending that will tie your mind, body and soul in knots.

“Gabacho” is easily the most club-ready cut on the EP, with the classic  four-on-the-floor drum pattern, tension building pads and growling bassline which leads to a stirring atmosphere and makes the track ideal for people on the dance floor. 

Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Tim Engelhardt who turns “Ebb & Flow ” into his own. It  is marked with Tim’s unique sonic signature and careful attention to instrumentation, absolutely evoking the title itself and albeit in a very different way! It’s a treat to your ears!

The package is completed with a remix from Georgian producer Gacha Bakradze. Here he delivers a wonderfully composed millennium breakbeat remix of title track “Strange Statistics” with futuristic melodic sound design which will take you to a sonic journey.

You can listen to the EP below and head to Vridian artist page for more info!