The Star War Holiday Spectacular we needed!


The Mandalorian just wrapped up season 2. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT!

This seasons already delivered some beautiful scenes, characters, and throwbacks to the classics that made us fall in love with the space opera in the first place. But that finale just blew all that out of the water.

Be warned, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the show…. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!!!

Let’s do a quick recap of the season before we get into the beauty of the finale.

The season kicks off with a pretty big reveal, we catch the Mandalorian back on Tatooine as he hunts for other Mandalorians. He ends up in Mos Pelgo, only to discover that the Mando he was seeking was marshall Cobb Vanth in armour he bought off some Jawas. But not just any armour, it’s freaking Boba Fett’s armour.

Mando goes on to kill a Krayt Dragon, and gets the armour from him. As he preps to leave, we see Temuera Morrison, the man who played Jango Fett, who is playing Boba Fett in the series.

Mando learns that there are other mandalorians on Trask, but to get that information he must transport a passenger and her eggs to her husband on Trask. This marks his meeting with the New Republic, who want to talk to him about his role in the prison escape in the last season. Also, Grogu eats a bunch of her eggs. Idiot.

Finally on Trask, Mando meets up with a group of Mandalorians, led by Bo-Katan. Played by Katee Sackhoff who reprises her role from The Clone Wars animation, in live-action. Accompanied by WWE star Sasha Banks/Mercedes Vardano and Simon Kassianides as fellow mandalorian warriors, who enlist him to help seize imperial weapons in exchange for information on where to find a Jedi. Bo-Katan is also on the hunt for Moff Gideon as he has something that belongs to her, the Darksaber. Bo-Katan gives him the location of Jedi Ahsoka Tano.

We also learn about why Mando never removes his helmet. He’s been raised as part of an extremist faction of mandalorians who want to take things back to the old way of Mandalore. They are known as the Children of the Watch.

Following this Mando meets old friends, Cara Dune and Greef Karga. As he helps in destroying the last Imperial remnant base on Nevarro, he learns why the Empire wanted the Child. The Razor Crest now repaired, albeit with a tracker planted by one of Moff Gideons spies, Mando and the Child head to the planet Corvus to track the Jedi.

I couldn’t ask for a better debut for Ahsoka Tano. Rosario Dawson plays her perfectly, the only thing that threw me off was the voice, and that’s only because Ashley Eckstein who voiced her for so very long will still be the voice of Ahsoka for me. We discover that Ahsoka is looking for Admiral Thrawn. For the fans of Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn was lost at the end of the show along with Jedi in training Ezra Bridger. This could mark the coming of another Jedi into the live action universe.

I originally thought they might introduce him in the last few movies, I’m glad they didn’t.

If this wasn’t enough, Mando ultimately meets the OG Mandalorian of the Star Wars universe, Boba Fett himself. Along with Fennec Shand (played by Ming-Na Wen) who returns from season 1.

At the time of writing this, Jeremy Bulloch, the man who portrayed the character in the original trilogy passed away. Temuera Morrison takes the reigns as Boba Fett, now clad in full armour. Temuera played Jango Fett in the prequel trilogy.

We also meet the Dark Troopers, droid killing machines, who abduct the Child as he sits on the ancient Jedi Temple on Tython.

With the Razor Crest now destroyed, Mando travels to Tatooine to ask Cara Dune to help him find Migs Mayfield. With his help they uncover the location of Moff Gideons cruiser.

But not before infiltrating and destroying an Imperial mining hub and refinery on Movak. We also see Mando remove his helmet as he scans into the terminal to get the coordinates. Mando sends Gideon a warning.

Mando reunites with Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves to find Grogu, in exchange for Bo-Katan getting her hands on Gideon and the darksaber.

The teams bursts into the cruiser, laying waste to the Imperial crew, and jettisoning the darktroopers into the void of space. Mando dispatches Moff Gideon and we learn that he now holds the Darksaber. A symbol of power, the holder of which can claim leadership of all Mandalorians. In the midst of learning all this, the darktroopers make their way back to the ship.  As they get ready for their last stand, back up arrives in the form of a single X-Wing.

That moment had me sitting up. There was no one else it could possibly be. A Jedi with a gloved hand and a green lightsaber cuts through every single killer droid making his way. He throws back his hood to reveal LUKE SKYWALKER!

I legitimately cheered at this. Luke takes Grogu to train. An emotional goodbye. And the season comes to an end.

But wait, there’s a post credit scene. Back on Tattoine we see a familiar sight. Its Jabba’s palace, on the famous throne now sits his former right hand Bib Fortuna. Fennec and Boba show up, killing everyone, and taking claim to the throne.

Season 2 has been a wild ride for Star Wars fans. Beautifully written, tying into all the lore, all the animation. Filoni and Favreau have been epic in this run. And it makes me wish that Disney just hand them the reigns to everything Star Wars.

This show hits the sweet spot with nostalgia and new story telling. Beautifully capturing the essence of the franchise that George Lucas began all those years ago.

The Mandalorian returns Christmas 2021. But in the meantime, we have a lot of new things from the Star Wars Universe to look forward to.

Excuse me while I go rewatch both seasons.