Warpcore Pull List January


Your favourite part of the month is back. 2021 is here and it brings with it some exciting comics coming to the stands soon.

But let’s see what the last four weeks had in store for us with 4 comics for you to check out.

Here’s the first Pull List of the New Year bay-bay!

Savage Dragon #255

Image Comics

Savage Dragon is one of those comics that has been around for a long time, but tends to go unnoticed by casual readers. It’s definitely worth picking up. After battling with the Vicious Circle, Paul Dragon travels to Dimension-X to visit the grave of his wife. Only for him to find it empty.

The issue is full of some great violence and gore, not suited for younger readers. But then, Savage Dragon has mostly been for a slightly mature audience. What’s more, it seems to be setting up for something big. 

Wolverine: Black, White, and Blood #2


This is a tale of Blood and violence, which is pretty true to most things Wolverine. Black, White, and Blood tells the tales of Wolverine’s bloodiest battles, in quite literally a black, white, and blood colour palette. The series features multiple writers and artists teaming together to tell various tales combined with stunning visuals across the epic lifespan of the warrior known as Logan. Worth grabbing the series if you want to know more about Wolverine. 

Transformers/Back to the Future #2

IDW Publishing

Who doesn’t love a good cross-over?! This time the robots in disguise team up with the cult classic time travelling Duo to save the universe. Marty McFly wakes up in Hill Valley only to find it enslaved by Decepticons. When a time machine arrives from the future, we discover Doc Brown’s not the only one with a Flux Capacitor. Gigawatt the autoboot has one built in. To save his present, Marty must go back… to the future.

X-O Manowar #3

Valiant Comics

I love Valiant Comics. They occasionally put out some epic stuff. I miss some of their other titles, and I can’t wait to see what comes out. Hell, I hope I get to write one someday. But I digress, X-O Manowar sets the stage for some character insight and growth into Aric and Shanhara, not only that it also plans for what could be a very solid arc. This isn’t just a hero meets villain, hero beats villain kind of love story. And for anyone who’s read X-O before, you’re in for a treat. For new readers, if this issue doesn’t grab your attention to learn more about the Valiantverse… you’re weird.