Cherry with Tom Holland gets full trailer on Apple TV+


Apple TV + finally revealed the full trailer for Cherry, a new original starring Tom Holland that hits theaters on February 26 and on Apple TV+ on March 12.

Cherry is an adaptation of Nico Walker’s bestselling novel which is based on his own story. Tom Holland stars as Nico Walker, a young man from Cleveland who, after being rejected by the love of his life, enlists in the military before his ex returns to tell him she made a mistake and that they are made for each other. He becomes an army medic in Iraq and sees the violence and carnage that no one wants to see. He returns with a raging case of undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is prescribed the opioid Oxycontin. Quickly, he and his young wife dispense with heroin pills and Nico Walker turns to bank robbery to pay their debts and feed their addiction. Walker wrote the book from prison after he was caught and convicted for robbery in 2011.

Last year, Apple paid more than $40 million to obtain the rights to Cherry and has become one of the biggest Apple TV + productions to date. The film is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, who have directed several MCU films, including The Last Avengers which is now considered as the highest grossing film in movie history. The Russo-brothers first picked up the film before last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, they had to sign a deal of $1 million to adapt a film on Walker’s novel. Cherry will be the first film of Joe and Anthony that is completely unrelated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Watch the trailer below!