warpcore Pull List February


It’s Pull List day, you know what means. New comics, new things to read. Ongoing series that are worth taking a look at.

This month, I’m throwing in an extra recommendation, because I’m nice like that. *Imagine me giving you two thumbs up here*

So, without further ado, let’s kick this off.

Legend of Shang Chi #1


Shang-Chi has a movie coming soon. Let’s be honest, this is a great character, and this series starts off with a bang. Shang Chi needs to find out who is stealing artifacts that have the potential to be WMDs. On his quest to find and stop the perpetrators he comes face to face with Lady Deathstrike. How will the deadly hands of Kung Fu deal with the deadly blades?!

Batman the adventure continues #8

DC Comics

Who doesn’t love a good Batman story? A hark back to the classic animated style comics, Ty Templeton returns with his signature style in this series. Holiday season has hit Gotham, and Harley and Ivy are planning a little party for the city’s villains. But one uninvited villain decides to ruin the fun. Can Batman intercept the deadly package? Or is the final night for these fiendish foes? Tune in same Bat time. Same Bat channel. Or, you know, grab the comic.

Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1


Red Sonja returns in a brand-new run. The She-Devil with a sword has bested barbarian, wasted wizards, and bashed in her share of beasties. But this time she must deal with the collective of Superheroes who have entered her world from The Project. Will Sonja adapt, or will they kill each other in this sword and sorcery meets superhero sci-fi mash-up?

Barbalien: Red Planet #3

Dark Horse Comics

Barbalien is on the run. He continues to flee from the bounty hunter Boa Boaz while developing a relationship with the young activist. But past and present collide when Boaz begins to target people in Barbalien’s life. Check out this weird but glorious series. 

Snake Eyes: Dead Game #4

IDW Publishing

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #4

Snake Eyes is beloved. Seldom has a character caught the fancies of fans without uttering a word. Super creator Rob Liefeld of weirdly proportioned drawings, Deadpool, and that really weirdly drawn Captain America fame takes Snake Eyes in a journey of action, and life and death. See if the GI Joe’s resident ninja warrior survives, or is it finally curtains!