Superman and Lois First thoughts


Spoiler Warning

We’ve seen a boom of superhero TV shows over the last few years. For a geek like me it’s been extremely fun. And in the first time since Smallville, the Man of Steel is headlining a show. 

Now if you’ve been following the Arrowverse of DC shows, chances are you have already seen Tyler Hoechlin playing Superman.

Superman has always been a mainstay in comics. He’s easily one of if not the most iconic comic book hero ever. And as such every actor that plays him, is judged heavily, and ruthlessly. And there have been a lot, even when you don’t count all the voice actors. 

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Hollywood has spent the last 3 decades trying to reinvent Superman. After Christopher Reeve it seemed difficult to get anything to work effectively. Brandon Routh got one movie, but got to play Superman again in the Arrowverse crossover, along with playing The Atom. Henry Cavill has been a fun Superman to watch. Tom Welling played a young Clark Kent, and of course Dean Cain did a show too.

So why is this different.

Well for one, the multiverse theory established that this is not the Superman from every other incarnation. Superman & Lois is a reinvention of sorts, it shows the couple as parents to twin boys. And brings them back to Smallville to stay on the farm. 

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch have been praised for their authentic, heartfelt performances in the Arrowverse. The twins, Jonathan and Jordon, played by Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin respectively, bring their own chemistry and add beautifully to the dynamic of the Super family.

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In the current comics, he does have a son, Jonathan Kent. Who, is best friends with Damian Wayne? Super Sons is a fun series to read. Their dynamic is as funny as you’d expect it to be.

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Despite having a dose of family drama, a coming-of-age story, this is a Superman show. There are feats that the Man of Steel is known for. An armored figure that seems to be attacking nuclear facilities and go head-to-head with Superman. Which turns out to be Luthor. But not the Luthor we’ve seen in Supergirl. This is an alternate reality Luthor who’s world was destroyed by an evil version of Superman. Leaving him wanting to destroy this one, proving that the world does not need Superman.

The other villain of the series is Morgan Edge. Edge has made appearances in Supergirl as a villain played by Adrian Pasdar, however in this show he is played by Adam Rayner.

Morgan Edge in the comics was in essence the stereotype of a ruthless capitalist. Connected to Intergang (an Apokalips sponsored crime syndicate), and not super essential to any major storylines. 

The show is full of little easter eggs, throwbacks, and more. 


Like the scene that pays homage to the iconic Action Comics cover of Superman. Or Seigel and Shuster’s names on a chalkboard. It’s a salute to the iconic creators, writers, artists, and everyone who helped create the mythos of Superman.  

The show is essentially the flip side of Smallville. 

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Smallville showed the adventures of Clark Kent on his journey to becoming Superman.

Superman & Lois is showing adventures of Superman, being Superman, being a Father, being Clark Kent.

Back then we say Jonathan Kent try to teach his son Clark. Now we’re watching Clack do the same for his sons. 

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Fun fact: Jonathan is named after Clark’s adopted father Jonathan Kent Sr. And Jordan is named after his biological father Jor-El.

Three episodes in, it’s a show that has a few moments where you will love it, and a few where you’ll hate the fact that they made it. It might take a little warming up to.

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But it is an interesting story, with equal parts drama, and equal parts comic book enjoyment. 

I’ve had my problems with the other DC shows. Arrow got annoying after a while, Flash had a fair chunk of Meh Moments, even Supergirl had points where I facepalmed hard. Legends of Tomorrow has quite possibly been the only one where I’ve consistently enjoyed myself. 

That being said, as of this moment it feels like the story of Superman is in good hands. So far, so good. Let’s hope they can keep up the momentum.