Warpcore recommends 6.8


Kohra: The founder of Qilla records, Kohra will take over the hottest open air venue of Delhi this thursday — Diablo, Mehrauli. Kohra’s sounds are meld raw analog signals with lush soundscapes, percussion sounds and sharp glitches. Get your tickets here.

WAWP? 007 ft. BLOT!: The raat ka raja is back in town! And he’s bringing his trademark melodic, dreamy soundscape to Summer House for What are we promoting? Expect nothing but to be mesmerized on the dance floor with swirling, melodic sounds which will trip you out. 

Sound Garden ft. Bullzeye, Ali Burrni & Antraa: Known for his raw, spontaneous and immensely powerful sets, Bullzeye is a master at weaving a diverse mixture of sounds. Joining him is warpcore’s resident Ali Burrni whose mix of house and electronic is peppered with Dark sonic landscapes. Expect a night of intelligent bangers, with troves of melody mixed with subversion and utter chaos laced with calmness. Grab your tickets here.

Underscore Live Presents Euphoria: The kings of Indipop, Euphoria are the originators of Hind-Rock. Their music is a unique amalgamation of Indian and Western musical influences meshed with memorable hooks and melodies. Catch them live at Studio Xo on the 19th.   

Alexander Alar: Bali is bringing its spirit to Delhi in the form of Alexander Alar. He has been waving the Techno flag high for the coastline in the last few years. His music is a sophisticated blend of house music with sensuality that uplifts. Yes, you can expect a night of intelligent bangers. This one’s at Raasta Delhi, Get your tix from here. 

GULLY GANG LIVE ft. Shah Rule, MC Altaf & Karan Kanchan: Raw live is kicking off the mayhem this week with bi-lingual hip-hop gang who have mastered the art of delivering witty rhymes over hot beats. Catch MC Shah Rule & MC Altaf alongside India’s biggest Bass music honcho Karan Kanchan. You should not miss this one if you’re into Indian underground rap music. 

Best Gigs outside Delhi:

Midival Punditz: The Punditz are easily India’s biggest electronica act. The past two decades have seen the rise of the electronica scene within India and no single band has had more influence on its growth than Midival Punditz. For 18 years their pulsing and driving electronica has pulled from an eclectic variety of sources across the planet. The Punditz have been trailblazers, breaking new ground with each achievement, and creating a path for others to follow. Catch them on friday at AntiSocial Mumbai.

Charlotte De Witte at Barrel YanTree Goa: Charlotte de Witte’s a Belgian born DJ whose surge on the scene has resulted in her being one of the most sought-after names in electronic music today. The fusion of classic techno with a fast, futuristic edge helps define witte’ sound which has made her the global sensation for techno. She wreaks havoc in Goa at Barrel YanTree on the 19th, a prelude to what’s in store for Hyderabad on the 21st.

Marc Romboy: When it comes to Marc Romboy and electronic music, he has pretty much been there and done that. Over the course of the last two plus decades, the German born DJ, producer and label boss has become synonymous with a soulful, vocal infused house and techno sound that has taken him all over the world. he is also the sole mastermind behind the influential Systematic Recordings label and has been since 2004. Hear him live on friday at Marbela Beach, Goa.