Invincible – The comic book show that you should be watching


Back in 2003 when comic book movies were not all the rage, came a comic book that took everything you knew and turned it upside down.

Invincible. Created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, the character first appeared in Savage Dragon #102 in 2002. Then came to the its own series the next year. Joined soon after by Ryan Ottley, the series kicked off to 144 issues of awesomeness, which ended in 2017.

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The series follows Mark Grayson, the son of the worlds most powerful hero, Omni-man. A viltrumite who came to earth to supposedly help mankind. As Mark grows up, he eventually manifests his powers. And his own adventures. Eventually becoming the premier hero for Earth, preventing invasions, taking to space, becoming a parent. And so much more. 

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Invincible has been a favourite comic of mine for a few years. I first picked it up way back in 2006, and was hooked. 

The parodying of everything from Superman, Batman, Watchmen, and basically most superhero tropes and storylines while still telling a compelling story was awesome. 

In a time where the audience is full to the brim with superhero shows and movies, it’s possibly the best time for Invincible to hit screens. It allows them to come into it with knowledge and the excitement that this deserves.

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The cast is epic. Steven Yeun plays the titular hero, with JK Simmons and Sandra Oh taking the roles of Omni-man/Nolan Grayson and Debbie Grayson. Omni-man is essentially the comics answer to Superman, but not exactly. As we learn pretty quickly, he isn’t exactly the great hero the world thinks he is. 

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Joined by heavyweights like Zazie Beetz, Gillian Jacobs, Mahershala Ali, Zachary Quinto, John Hamm, Mark freakin’ Hamill, Jason Mantzoukas, and a host of other great actors, this show has no shortage of talent to drive it forward. 

One of the best things about seeing this animated instead of live action is that it allows the original comic to truly come to life with every sense of detail in a way that CGI just doesn’t cut it.

Excerpt] Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, and Bill Crabtree deliver a hell of a  brutal fight scene (Invincible #29) : comicbooks

Guts are spilled, heads are decapitated, explosions, blood and gore, all this comes out right from the get go. No holding back. Just like the comic book pages.

This is definitely not something to show the kids. Teens, sure. 

I loved how the first 3 episodes played out. 

While the show will not follow 100% of the comic, as in, it’s not going to be a page by page – panel by panel adaptation, it will maintain the creator’s spirit. Kirkman has been in the recording booth, giving notes and directions as much as the director. 

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One of the other things the show is doing is breaking the boundaries with representation. The titular hero is bi-racial, half Asian-American, half extra-terrestrial Viltrumite, and played by an Asian American actor. Honestly Steven Yeun is perfect for the part. All of them are. 

Invincible Grayson Family

The show isn’t just a superhero show though, it’s also a family drama, a coming-of-age story, a story of relationships, of growth. With larger-than-life moments where the old great power and great responsibility come into play. 

The art style of the show works beautifully, in the say way that Walker and Ottley’s art did for the comic book. 

Amazon Prime has a stellar addition to its catalogue. Not to mention that Invincible is a great addition to the comic book adaptions across platforms. With just the right stuff to stand out and not be sucked into the storm of superheroes. 

It has all the makings of something epic. A great storyline, a stellar cast, great animation that stays true to the original artwork. It’s something that won’t disappoint fans, old and new alike. 

Thank you Kirkman, Walker, and Ottley for giving us Invincible then, and now! 

Catch Invincible on Amazon Prime now.