Listen to all of the music from the ‘Spring loaded’ Apple Event


On Tuesday Apple hosted its first event of 2021 called ‘Spring loaded’  where the company announced the new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, and Apple TV 4K as well as updates to Apple Card and Apple Podcasts. Although the unveiling of the products stole the headlines, I’m more curious about something that is less talked about which is: the outstanding music selection through the online event. 

Apple takes care of even the smallest detail of all its products. The keynotes, in fact, are one more product and we can see the attention to detail in all the sections of it. The music is carefully chosen and assembled to fit the product being presented.

Apple just has a knack for picking songs that are destined to become popular.  Or it could be the other way round.  The tech giant really has that much influence over the music industry, songs featured in Apple commercials have a way of becoming popular overnight. 

Some musical gems that were previously used in their events — Shut up and let me go” by The Ting Tings, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet, “Dreams” by Beck, “Go” by Louise the Child; they’ve also used more popular recording artists’ work like “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand, “Sunburn” by Muse, “Vertigo” by U2 and “Feel Good Inc” by The Gorillaz. 

Most of these tracks have become famous because they were played as background music for Apple’s product videos. You can find more underrated tracks like these on our previous playlists. Go fill up your music libraries from here.

Last Night, each of the product introductions featured some cool music. But I particularly became obsessed with Lizzo’s “Better in Color” which was used to reveal the new iMac. Trust me, this song will awaken your dancing mood and it kind of feels like an upcoming LGBT+ anthem too! You can watch the clip below.

Another track which was used to complement iPad Pro was “Every Color” by Louis The Child and Foster The People.

It is a beautiful piece of music, The song has melody, hypnotic electronic sounds and influences from House music. It’s an absolute sublime track, add this to your daily playlist and binge it for days. 

Another cool gem was “High” by BAYNK, this song has the slick, chill electronic sound that makes you wonder why it couldn’t have been longer than 4 minutes because it’s just such a breezy listen. Listen below.

We’ve listed out all the songs for you below so you don’t have to rewatch the whole event. But there was one song that Apple featured that is currently unavailable. The new single is actually set to come out on Friday, April 23, so we will be sure to add it to the playlist once it is released. Till then, you can enjoy the rest of the playlist.