Sónar and UPC present a collaborative workshop on the connections between Artificial Intelligence and Music


On Thursday, May 13, a panel made up of innovative artists and experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will explore the connections between AI and music in a workshop that will be broadcast live for free.

‘Exploring the connections between AI and music’ is a collaborative workshop organized by Sónar in conjunction with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) to expose and debate the connections between Artificial Intelligence and music. It will be held in English and will be broadcasted live for free on Thursday, May 13, from 8:30 p.m.

This workshop is the first activity of the ThinkingLab, an initiative of the UPC and Sónar. The ThinkingLab is a space for debate, co-creation and experimentation bringing together international experts in Artificial Intelligence (musicians, technologists, cultural historians, scientists, programmers etc) to identify and conceptualize the main challenges and latest innovations in the application of AI to musical creation. 

In addition, the workshop will seek to connect scenes of artistic and artificial intelligence to begin to weave networks that can create synergies. The discussion will feature 3 artists who have made AI an important part of their recent work: Claire L. Evans, from the North American band YACHT. Jan St. Werner, half of Mouse on Mars and Iván Paz, a central figure in the live-coding scene, whose work brings to the fore the use of Machine Learning in composition from scratch. 

These artists will be joined by prominent specialists selected by the UPC: Michaela Milano, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna. Jordi Pons, a researcher at Dolby Laboratories and Javier Ruiz, Telecommunications engineer.

The conclusions and new challenges that arise from this workshop will feed the content of the AI ​​and Music Festival, which will take place in Sónar Barcelona on October 27 and 28 and will become a testbed to experiment with AI in the context of musical activity.

More info at sonar.es