Aamish releases his debut EP ‘Interstellar’: Listen


Delhi-based House & Techno producer Varun Khullar, aka Aamish, has released his debut EP “Interstellar” on Pal’s Records today.

My EP Interstellar is a catharsis for me. It exudes a buoyant aura and levitates your mind. It took me 10-15 days of intense feelings and ardour to curate it and I’m ecstatic to share that it came out perfect! the remix by Aleksandr is so spectacular that it will make you want to groove and jive to every beat on repeat,” said Khullar when warpcore got in touch with him. 

About the EP; 

The title track ‘Interstellar’ launches the EP with a powerful and mentally persuasive groove, a real trip into the edge of the mind that is filled with emotion. The meticulously positioned bassline contributes to building a mesmerizing and effective driving low-end that makes the track ideal for people on the dance floor. While an uplifting lead beneath a melodic arpeggio makes the production unique, it also gives the listeners an engrossing ending. 

In ‘Buddhabrot’, Aamish delivers a heartfelt devotion to music, it is a strong melodic house cut with a solid kick and relentless melody, pure in both form and beauty. The mysterious ‘Buddhabrot’ develops at a very interesting pace. The elements are gradually added, building up to a full-bodied and majestic crescendo. 

Pal Records founder Aleksandr Kashnikov also contributes his excellent remix of ‘Interstellar’ in the EP. ; his version exhibits pounding snares and an analog bassline that paves the way for the sonic experience that transcends the physical world and takes us to a bouncy ride!

‘Interstellar’ from Aamish is undoubtedly a great debut, with three tracks that remind you how much we all need to get back to clubland. It is now available for purchase on Beatport. You can grab your copy from here