Tyrell Dub Corp releases 2nd EP ‘M87’


New Delhi-based musician FILM released a new EP called “M87” from his new moniker Tyrell Dub Corp.

Tyrell Dub Corp who is better known as FILM aka Sanil Sudan has been establishing a global presence as a DJ and producer for over 10 years now, he has also been delivering as the boss of the electrifying Medium Rare events or in the talent force behind the city’s hottest venue — Auro and Summer House. Sanil has carved a niche for himself in the scene. He is now edging more towards a ‘less is more approach with this new moniker, in this new EP I heard some extraordinary attention to detail, sophisticated arrangements and a majestic sampling.

The 3-track release starts its journey from ‘Spliffy dub’ which employs mind-bending grooves with vocal trills and subtle breakbeat-like drum fills, which intricate mechanics before ‘conscious dub’ fuses sizzling lushes, dynamic drums and mammoth, alien-sounding modulations. This track gains in punch and impact with each successive listen.

Closing track ‘M87’, Masterfully rounds off the EP with twisting synth flutters, rattling highs and hypnotic bass grooves intricately unfolding underneath. This track will make you yearn for the dance floor even harder.

Listen/Buy from the link below.