Demiurgic tries to put all his emotion on his EP ‘Almost Morning’


Dikshit Sharma aka Demiurgic has earned himself a reputation over the years for delivering blazing and mesmerizing performances with a LIVE setup. On his latest EP ‘Almost Morning’, the Guwahati-based DJ/Producer focuses more on emotions, mood and atmosphere, than energy.

I have worked on it for two months. All the tracks are inspired by the blissful dawn we experience in the morning. All the grooves, chords, vibes, moods were produced very intensely, I wasn’t thinking of producing any specific genre while working on it. Also, I tried to put all my emotions in this EP. – said Sharma when warpcore got in touch with him. 

Title track ‘Almost Morning’ opens the record with a beautiful, angelic synth line, which carries the listener as the bass and kicks thump beneath it. This track builds tension throughout and turns into a thumping electronica number with ethereal, shimmery pads echoing over the arrangement.

A nebulous compound of droning synths and soothing, ‘Codes’ start quietly with a thumping kick alongside a stirring piano chord as its filter lifts. When the beat kicks in properly, this fills the arrangement, noise tails reverberating behind it, as it’s joined by a huge, driving synth sound like a melody.

The EP closes by using silence and space as a compositional tool, chirping voices and an effortlessly catchy melody eventually flutter into earshot, Demiurgic’s ‘Nocturnal’ playful cut brings to mind the convulsive pleasures of summertime with tumbling notes failing like warm summer rain from a rooftop. 

The album could be described with one adjective: Polychromatic. Electronic and hybrid sounds sit comfortably in each track and hypnotic melodies are laced into works of art. 

Listen/Buy the ‘Almost Morning’ EP below!