warpcore Pull List July 2021


It’s pull list day once again. I’ve been a bit behind on new comics and spent most of last night catching up and high speed. And I’m glad I did, because I found a ended up reading a couple I missed.

Here’s 4 fun comics from last month that you need to try. 

Seven Sword #1

Aftershock Comics

If you ever read the 3 musketeers or saw any of the movies (even the rubbish ones) this might hold some appeal to you. If you like sword and sorcery, this might appeal to you. If you simply enjoy a good old fashion hack and slash. This is be fun.

Done by Evan Daugherty and Riccardo Latina, Seven Swords follows a jaded and older D’Artagnan as he goes on a quest for revenge against Cardinal Richelieu. As possibly the last Musketeer standing, he needs to stop the Cardinal from unleashing supernatural forces that could terrorise the world. He will be joined by 7 swashbuckling heroes like Don Juan, Captain Blood, and even Cyrano de Bergerec. This is a fun way to remember the classics.

The Witcher: Witches Lament #2

Dark Horse Comics

Geralt’s rescue mission takes a turn when Giltine refuses to help. Now on his way to the cult’s settlement, he finds himself bang in the middle of some sort of sacred ritual. Bartosz Sztybor weaves an interesting tale, while Vanesa R Del Rey turns words to beautifully inked images that convey the mood perfectly. Jordie Bellaire adds the ideal colours to really kick the art off on this comic. Witcher fans should give this series a read. 

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Super Spectacular 

DC Comics

Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1

Celebrating the emerald archer’s 80th anniversary! The who’s who of comicdom have banded together to deliver an all-star storytelling experience. It’s got Jeff Lemire, Tom Taylor, Devin Grayson, Ram V., Nicola Scott, Jorge Corona, Phil Hester, Mariko Tamaki, and so many more.

For the last eight decades green arrow has been one of the premier (and boisterous) characters in DC, always at the forefront of where the superhero genre is headed. This over-sized anniversary issue follows in those footsteps, as an incredible line-up of Green Arrow creators, alongside some of the gifted creators of the modern era who have been inspired by Oliver Queen, unite to pay tribute to the battling bowman. See what the past, present and future have in store for Oliver Queen, Black Canary, Connor Hawke, Arsenal, Red Arrow, Speedy, and more in this epic special!

Shang-Chi #2 

Marvel Comics

Shang-Chi #2

Shang-Chi Vs. Captain America! There’s a Cosmic Cube for sale, and everyone from Hydra to AIM to the Hand is ready to pay up for it. But Shang-Chi and his Five Weapons Society might outbid them! Unless a certain Star-Spangled Avenger has anything to say about it. Gene Luen Yang is a good writer, but this…this is just so much fun. Dike Ruan and Trionna Farrell do a spectacular job with the artwork that flows seamlessly.

Also come on, the greatest martial artist in the world, vs THE super soldier. How do you not want to grab this!?

P.S. if you still don’t know who Shang Chi is, check out my other article on him.