Anushka Manchanda introduces her new alter-ego: KissNuka


In a 6 chapter story called ‘Evolution of an artist’ Multi-disciplinary artist, Anushka Manchanda aka Nuka announces rebirth as an artist, to explore the power of love.

Anushka Manchanda has been a revered voice in the
 Indian music industry with almost 20 years of experience. The singer-producer has never shied away from raising her voice against oppression and inequality. Her previous tracks like Kashmir, Don’t be afraid and ‘Ayo Burn’ earned a special mention at the Berlin Music Videos Awards 2021. We have always seen her amplifying her voice about important issues like communalism, corruption, climate change, gender bias, and conservation.

In this new evolved expression of Anushka which was announced in a 6 chapter audio-visual story, she announced the evolution of Nuka to ‘Kiss Nuka’ with a vision that we’re all one with nature. She plans to translate her love for nature and activism into thought-provoking pieces and showcase it as an immersive audio-visual experience.

In this new rebirth, you can experience a different format of storytelling which revolves around all the spectrum of life which starts from THE END. Watch Below!