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Here’s how Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger is reinventing the company

Intel’s new chief executive Pat Gelsinger during the company's Intel Unleashed: Engineering the Future virtual event made the announcement where he unveiled the company’s...

Apple M1 chip is here: new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models leave Intel red-faced

Apple had foreshadowed a new era for the Mac line of personal computers in June — in fact for years there were rumours that...

Why the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is a big deal for content creators

This year, Apple came out swinging with the announcements of the iPhone 12 series. The model that got my attention the most was the iPhone 12...

No, Apple isn’t making its flagship phone in India & pivoting its manufacturing strategy from China

There has been a lot of chest-thumping around the fact that Apple has started production of the iPhone 11 in Foxconn’s plants. No this...

How the ban on Chinese apps will benefit the Jio-Facebook alliance

It is no secret that TikTok posed an existential threat to Facebook. So when the Indian government decided to ban 59 apps of Chinese...

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