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Who are The Three Jokers?

After years of waiting, DC comics’ The Three Jokers is finally out. Beware: Spoilers ahead! Before I get into this, this isn’t a full breakdown of...

Everything you need to know about DC Fandom

The first day of DC Fandom just happened on 22nd August, and I’m still reeling from everything that just happened. A virtual convention which seems...

warpcore Comic Pull List

Welcome to the Warpcore Comic Pull List. Here we put together a few comic books that you should be checking out right now.  We’re covering...

Zack Snyder’s 4 hour cut of Justice League is coming out in 2021 on HBO Max

When it came out in November 2017, the Justice League was a disaster for what was considered to be one of the most important...

New Batmobile goes back to being a car like the original Adam West Batman show

Shedding its futuristic, mean-machine look from Nolan’s Batman films, it appears that the new Batmobile is going back to looking like a car again.  https://twitter.com/mattreevesLA/status/1235261421425958912 I...

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