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Here’s What You Can Expect from CES 2021

Beginning January 11th, up to the 14th, CES will be opening it’s virtual doors to the enthusiasts and the crowds, because, yes, it has...

CES proves that 2020 will be an exciting year for PCs

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which happens every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, has always stood for wild technology showcases that rarely are close...

What makes Intel’s new DG1 GPU unique and formidable

For years, Intel dominated CPUs and desktop chipsets, however, in the 2010s with the waning ascendency of Moore’s Law and increase in AI workloads,...

CES 2020: 5 things to expect

Back at the dawn of the last decade, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), used to be the coolest place to be. It was the...

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