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warpcore recommends 6.4

Raw Live Presents Sound Garden feat Vinayaka, Jay Pei, Vridian: Known for his raw, spontaneous and immensely powerful sets, Vinayak^a is a master at...

warpcore weekend guide 5.8

This week warpcore returns with its weekend guide featuring the best music gigs happening across Delhi and Mumbai. Together/Distanced ft FILM & UP7T: Prepare yourself...

warpcore recommends 4.2

Best Gigs in Delhi NCR F16s: Ownage Entertainment’s IP, SoundTank, celebrates its first year with the brilliant, Chennai-based alternative pop band, The F16s. The band’s...

warpcore weekend guide 2.9

Best gigs in Delhi NCR Komorebi Live at Anomaly Thursdays: Quick of the heels of her new single with the Midival Punditz, the incredibly talented...

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