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Raw Live Presents Sound Garden feat Vinayaka, Jay Pei, Vridian: Known for his raw, spontaneous and immensely powerful sets, Vinayak^a is a master at...

Karajimo unleashes Lunar Tribe Pt 1 feat Jitter, Tapan Raj, Riatsu, Curtain Blue

Back on the heels of his highly successful debut album, Lunar Howl, Karajimo aka Viraj Mohan is back with another release called the Lunar...

Karajimo’s debut album Lunar Howl is out now

Back of the heels of a successful and critically acclaimed debut single, Karajimo’s first album Lunar Howl is out now on streaming platforms.  The...

OORT’s EP is a hypnotic swirl of futuristic electronica

Imagine hypnotic melodies fused with elements of IDM, glitch-hop and even techno bordering on acid and you arrive at what can be best described...

Karajimo to release debut album Lunar Howl in May

After being a regular in the live circuit for years and recently also unveiling a DJ set, live industrial electronica act Karajimo aka Viraj...

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